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14 Şubat 2017 Salı



This is place where I grew up and knew very well me. I’m my parent’s second son, but my older brother died before I was born. When I was born my grandmother kept me with her and brought me to this mountain. Because she thought my mother couldn’t take care of me perfectly like my first brother and I might die. After the end of summer we came back to the village from the mountain. I saw a woman at home. But I didn’t know who was she. I learned she was my mother. I always  laid down to a bed with my grandma and we slept together in my childhood.
I love this place very much. I always miss there. It was destroyed 38 years ago. All the buildings were burned by people from a neighboring village.
This picture was taken by me 2 years ago, when we made a picnic with my family at the mountain. The little girl with a kite is my granddaughter.
This is very old picture, all the building were there.


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